Collected love poems ranging across continents and centuries.

Love poems with the right tone and style can express your own beliefs on love for him/her.

Find a love poem for the one you love.

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Tips on Choosing a Love Poem

1) Read through the poem at least twice.

2) Determine the subject matter of the poem.

  • Who is the speaker? What is the point of view? To whom is the speaker addressing?
  • What is the event, memory or experience described in the poem?

3) Determine the feelings involve in the poem.

  • What is the poet’s tone and attitude toward the subject matter?
  • What is the emotion, idea or paradox the poet wants to bring across?

4) Determine the relevance to your intend.

The Collection

1. Merciless Beauty   Poem By: Groffrey Chaucer
2. He Fumbles At Your Spirit   Poem By: Emily Dickinson
3. Eternity   Poem By: William Blake
4. Astrophil and Stella   Poem By: Sir Philip Sidney
5. On Marriage   Poem By: Thomas Flatman
6. Three Weeks   Poem By: Anne Michaels
7. Only You   Poem By: Ramprasad Sen
8. Jenny Kissed Me   Poem By: Leigh Hunt
9. Down By The Salley Gardens   Poem By: W. B. Yeats
10. First Love   Poem By: John Clare
11. The Sun Has Burst The Sky   Poem By: Jenny Joseph
12. Time Passing, Beloved   Poem By: Donald Davie
13. The Secret   Poem By: John Clare
14. The Question Answered   Poem By: William Blake
15. In a Bath Teashop   Poem By: Sir John Betjeman
16. The Bungler   Poem By: Amy Lowell
17. Bright Star   Poem By: John Keats
18. Not to Sleep   Poem By: Robert Graves
19. Never Seek To Tell Thy Love   Poem By: William Blake
20. Unfortunate Coincidence   Poem By: Dorothy Parker

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