Love Poems! ~ 3

51. Worth Dying For Poem By: Christina Rossetti
52. The Flames of Your Love Poem By: Khusrwai
53. Coat Poem By: Vicki Feaver
54. To my Dear and Loving Husband Poem By: Anne Bradstreet
55. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Poem By: Francis William Bourdillon
56. Raider’s Dawn Poem By: Alun Lewis
57. I Leave This at Your Ear (For Nessie Dunsmuir) Poem By: W. S. Graham
58. Love Farewell Poem By: Michael Drayton
59. You Will Hear Thunder And Remember Me Poem By: Anna Akhmatova
60. The Planter’s Daughter Poem By: Austin Clarke
61. To a Woman   Poem By: Lord Lytton
62. In Love With Him   Poem By: Jalal al Din Rumi
63. Valentine   Poem By: Wendy Cope
64. Love   Poem By: Emily Dickinson
65. Love is Enough   Poem By: William Morris
66. Sonnet From The Portuguese XIV   Poem By: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
67. Remember   Poem By: Christina G. Rossetti
68. Love and Life, A Song   Poem By: John Wilmot
69. The Taxi   Poem By: Amy Lowell
70. Delight In Disorder   Poem By: Robert Herrick
71. Oh, When I Was In Love with You   Poem By: A. E. Housman
72. The Sight Of Your Face Is A Blessing   Poem By: Jalal al Din Rumi
73. Light   Poem By: Elizabeth Jennings
74. For Now Another Realm Draws Near   Poem By: Sri Aurobindo
75. Forgetmeknot   Poem By: Brian Patte
76. Sonnet 18   Poem By: William Shakespeare

“Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.” – Love Quotes

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