Love Poems! ~ 2

21. Timing   Poem By: Olivia Mccannon
22. When You Are Old   Poem By: W. B. Yeats
23. Paradise Lost   Poem By: John Milton
24. Remember Thee! Remember Thee!   Poem By: George Gordon
25. The One Whom You Seek Is With You   Poem By: Shah Ni maffullah
26. Stealing Up   Poem By: Bernard O’ Donoghue
27. The Clod And The Pebble   Poem By: William Blake
28. O, Love   Poem By: Jalal al Din Rumi
29. Song   Poem By: Edmund Waller
30. A Red, Red Rose   Poem By: Robert Burns
31. In a Wood Poem By: E. J. Scovell
32. Now Poem By: Robert Browning
33. ‘Go Now’ Poem By: Edward Thomas
34. Love Without Hope Poem By: Robert Graves
35. O Living Flame of Love Poem By: John of the Cross
36. Come. And Be My Baby Poem By: Maya Angelou
37. When I Was One – And – Twenty Poem By:  A. E. Housman
38. Symptoms of Love Poem By: Robert Graves
39. Hearts-Ease Poem By: Walter Savage Landor
40. The Sick Rose Poem By: William Blake
41. What Is It You Seek Poem By: Kabir
42. I Am Alone Poem By: The Harris Papyrus
43. One Look From You Poem By: Jalal al Din Rumi
44. One Hard Look Poem By: Robert Graves
45. A Thunderstorm in Town Poem By: Thomas Hardy
46. And You, Helen Poem By: Edward Thomas
47. Warming Her Pearls Poem By: Carol Ann Duffy
48. Vision Poem By: May Theilgaard Watts
49. The Lost Love Poem By: William Wordsworth
50. She walks In Beauty Poem By: George Gordon

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